Sunday, 6 August 2017

Not Ready Yet!

As forecast the rather poor August weather continues. For the last three days it's been windy although Saturday did have a decent amount of sunshine and out of the breeze it felt pleasantly warm.

Our soft fruit picking season is slowing down now. We've still got blackberries to pick but our autumn raspberries have been refurbished this year so we're not expecting much fruit from them this year. It's about time our tree fruit took over the production line and our plum "Oullins Gage" has stepped up to the mark. We've picked a few punnets of delicious plums over the last week or so but Saturday saw a bumper haul of just over 7kg or 16 lb.
Some of the apples, of unknown variety, which form our apple hedge on the allotment look ready for picking so we decided to try one on Saturday afternoon.
The resulting taste test confirmed that although it looked ready for picking, and it parted from the tree without too much trouble, it wasn't ready for eating. Inside the pips were still white instead of dark brown which I consider a sign that a bit more ripening is required.

Our apples weren't the only fruits we picked and tested for ripeness this week. We also picked a nectarine and a peach as they too looked ready for picking.
Peach - "Avalon Pride"
Nectarine - "Fantasia"
The taste test for both the nectarine, peach and apple were the same. They all need a little longer on the tree to ripen a little bit more.

We made a short video clip of us picking a peach and nectarine for taste testing which I've included below.


  1. That's good harvest! The nectarine look so juicy!

    1. The nectarine was juicy but needs a few more days to sweeten up.


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