Thursday, 18 May 2017

Wet Wednesday

After a couple of completely rain free weeks at the beginning of the month the recent few days have seen use have a reasonable amount. We haven't had any torrential rain, rather a few showery days until yesterday, Wednesday, which turned out to be wet and miserable. With a total rainfall for the day of 5.6mm (0.22in) it was our wettest day since the 22 March 2017 with 7.2mm or 0.28in. 
Temperature & Rainfall Records 15-17 May 2017
To help put the rainfall into context our average rainfall for May is 50mm (1.97in) and over the last few days it's amounted to 15.6mm (0.61in) so we've a way to go to achieve our monthly average.
I'm hoping that we've had enough rainfall to allow us to get a few more beds dug over on the allotment. In our cold frame there's plenty of plants now hardened off and ready for planting out on the plot.
Cabbage - "Kalibro"
The forecast for the next few days is sunshine and showers so we might have to work between the showers to get some planting out done.


  1. 5.6mm! Edinburgh got 4.4mm for the whole month of April!!! (Admittedly 1/10 th of the average April dose)

    1. The rain didn't make much impact on the allotment. Still very dry. Looks showery for the next few days. Must be a little bit unusual for Ossett to be dryer than Edinburgh.


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