Thursday, 11 May 2017

Cold Spell Ends But Not The Dry Spell

Wednesday saw an end to the cool spell of weather brought about by a chilly north easterly breeze. With mostly clear blue skies all day long the temperature reached a very respectable 21.2°C or 70.2°F.
Temperature Record for 05-11 May 2017
The lack of rainfall is now getting some media attention. Some reports suggesting it's the driest spell in Yorkshire for around 20 years. Now my records don't go back that far but for us, in total, it's the driest winter and spring rainfall  I've recorded.
Rainfall Comparisons for Winter & Spring 2010/11 & 2016/17
This winter was drier than 2010/11 as we had only 101.0mm (3.98in) of rainfall compared with 146.1mm (5.75in) in 2010/11. However, this spring has already been wetter than 2011 as we've had 52.4mm (2.06in) this year compared with 43.3mm (1.70in) in 2011. The total rainfall for winter and spring 2010/11 was 189.4mm (7.46in) compared with 153.4mm (6.04in), so far, for winter and spring 2016/17.

It looks as though we'll be doing more of this at the allotment.


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