Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A Wet Day But Not A Lot of Rain

We had some rain on Monday which the allotment and garden badly needed.
Temperature & Rainfall Records for 15 May 2017
However, although it was wet and damp all day we didn't have very much rainfall by the end of the day. It amounted to 5.0mm (0.2in) bringing the month's total up to 7.8mm (0.31in) and so May continues to be a dry month.
This is the state of one of the beds on the allotment that I want to dig over. The photo was taken on Sunday. It's almost possible to get a hand down the cracks that have formed in the soil as the plot has dried out. I'm not too sure Monday's rainfall will have been enough to thoroughly wet the soil and make it diggable.  
I'm sure the plants will welcome the rain though and it will give us a break from watering when we visit the plot. There's more rain in the forecast so maybe I'll soon be able to get that bed dug over.


  1. Respite from watering at last! The pattern has been similar in Edinburgh. But look on the bright side, if the first rain had been torrential the run off would have been terrible.

    1. Good point Mal. Today is continuing the same pattern as the last few days with light rain on and off. Looks like it might remain unsettled for a few days now.


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