Sunday, 21 May 2017

More Cold Nights

Well, we did need some rain but it would have been nice for a couple of wet days and then some decent weather so we could get on with some jobs at the allotment. However, what we've actually had is a series of wet and dull days but not a lot of actual rain. 
It seems we've had a lot of such days over the last few months. We either have a spell of dry weather or we get a series of damp and cool days but with very little rainfall. There is just enough drizzle or rain to make it too miserable to do any work on the allotment.
Temperature & Rainfall Records for 19-21 May 2017
The early hours of Sunday morning saw another cold start to the day with the temperature falling to 5.1°C (41.2°F) a reminder that's it's still a bit risky to plant out our dahlias and tender vegetables such as runner beans. I'm hoping the potatoes at the allotment escaped any more frost damage.

In our home greenhouse, I did get a chance on Saturday to plant up three growbags with tomato plants. Each bag has been planted with three plants. One bag is planted with Sungold, one with Shirley and one with Gardeners Delight.
Hopefully, the weather will behave as forecast and improve next week and we'll be able to get some planting out done at the allotment.


  1. I tried growbags once, but they dried out so fast, I had to water twice a day and the soil compacted and the plants struggled so I tossed them.

    I see that you have a green plastic bath under the pots. Is this your own innovation? How big are the holes? How often do you fill them with water once the tomatoes start growing?

    41F is definitely too cold for summer annual vegetables. Here it's already 85f heading toward 95F. Trade ya, don't like heat.

    1. The green containers aren't my innovation I'm sad to say. They can be readily purchased in the uk for using with growbags. They add some extra depth of soil and help with watering. In our summer conditions I'll have to water every 2 or 3 days. I try to keep watering to a minimum as I think it helps with taste.

      Temperature wise we don't have your problem with the heat. Since I've had my weather station (2010) we've only reached 85°F on 9 occasions and we haven't yet reached 95°F. I'm pretty sure they'd need watering most days with those temperatures.

      I'm no great fan of very hot days so I'm not up for doing any trading thank you

  2. Hope the potatoes are in good condition! The tomato plants look great!

    1. The potatoes are starting to recover from the frost and are beginning to look more like potato plants again. I'm hoping the tomato plants will grow quickly now they're in a growbag. Looking forward to some tasty tomatoes soon.


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