Tuesday, 23 May 2017

It's Warming Up!

The forecast is for the rest of the week to becoming increasingly warmer with some suggestions we could reach 30°C (86.0°F) on Saturday. However, back with the here and now Monday saw the highest temperature of the year with 23.9°C or 75.0°F. At times it was fairly cloudy but when the sun broke through it felt hot and muggy.
Temperature & Solar Radiation Records for 22 May 2017
If the forecast turns out to be correct I might be updating the highest yearly temperature each day this week.

We managed a trip to the plot to finish planting out our sweet peas. I only hope that my hazel sweet pea trellis will be up to the job of supporting them. Our edible peas Onward have also had their pea sticks added for support. Their supports are a mixture of all sorts of prunings including hazel, elder and a few assorted fruit bush twigs.
Peas - "Onward"
Our first home grown brassica plants have also been planted. Both varieties are club root resistant ones so we're not expecting them to succumb to this particular problem.
Cabbages - "Kalibro" (Foreground) & "Lodero" (Background)
Once they'd had a good watering in they were covered with environmesh to protect against damage from the ever vigilant wood pigeons who sit on the overhead power lines watching and waiting for us to leave crops unprotected.

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