Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hosta Slug Defences Breached!

Well, Bank Holiday Monday turned out to be a bit of a damp squib. It was yet another one of those days, we’ve had lots this year, when it seemed to be wet all day and yet the rainfall total hasn’t added up to much. We’ve had 2.8mm (0.11in)by 20:00 although it still looks like it could pour down at any minute.

I noticed this morning that our Slug Gone defence system had been breached around one of our hostas by the pond edge.
On Monday evening I inspected around the plant leaves, and even had a look underneath the pot that the hosta is growing in, to see if I could locate the culprit but it was to no avail. There was no slug or snail to be seen.

I decided that the best option was to renew the wool pellets around the base of the plant. There may have been some gaps in the pellets leaving the possibility of a direct path from soil to hosta.

If you haven't used Slug Gone pellets then you won't be aware of how sheepy they smell. The smell doesn't last all that long.

It will be interesting to see if the additional layer of pellets prevents any further slug or snail attacks. I might still venture outside a little later one night as it's getting dark to see if I can find and destroy the offending creature.

Follow Up:
We ventured out at around midnight to see if we could spot any slugs or snails on our hosta.

Everywhere was wet from the drizzle that seemed to have been falling all day but there wasn't a sign of a slug or snail on our hosta. The battle goes on.


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