Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Almost Ready

Tuesday wasn't exactly a brilliant day for late May with some morning drizzle and cloudy skies. It seemed the rain would hold off in the afternoon and so we made a trip down to the plot.

We're having problems this year getting seeds sown directly on the plot to germinate. After three weeks our "Robin Hood" broad beans have germinated.
Broad bean - "Robin Hood"
However, there weren't any signs of parsnip or carrot seedlings and as these were sown a month ago I think it's unlikely that they are going to germinate now. Fortunately, we did have some seeds of each variety left and Sue sowed our carrots and parsnips again and we're hoping for more success second time around.

On the fruit front things were looking far more positive.
 Strawberry - "Cupid"
Redcurrants - "Unknown Variety"
Our first strawberry of the season is almost ready to pick and our redcurrants are starting to ripen. It's time to get the netting out to stop the blackbirds having first pick of our fruit.

I did a little video tour of our plots yesterday which is included below if you fancy a watch.


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