Monday, 25 April 2016

To Plant Or Not To Plant

Sunday was another cold day. We've put gardening on hold for a short while until the weather decides to warm up a little bit. We ummed and ahhed about going down to the plot and planting out our onions, brassicas and more potatoes. In the end we decided against it thinking our plants would benefit from the protection we can give them at home. Our onions and brassicas are in the cold frame.
Our brassicas look ready for planting out but I'm hoping they'll survive another week in the cold frame before moving to the allotment. It looks like this cold spell will last through to the first week in May but maybe with a bit of luck it will end sooner than that. I transplanted some Little Gem lettuce seedlings on the 18 April.
Little Gem lettuce 24 April 2016
These seedlings transplanted into our raised don't seem to have done any growing at all outside despite the protection of some mesh although it's primarily intended to keep the birds off.
These seedlings in modules in the greenhouse have done much more growing. My intention was to move these to the plot but I might try to grow them on in a couple of large pots to get some early lettuces. It seems a waste planting them outside where I'm assuming the cold will stop them growing. It might be cold over night in the greenhouse but at least it warms up in there during the daytime.


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