Sunday, 17 April 2016

More On Our Exotics

Saturday wasn't a particularly good day despite some sunny spells. We had a little bit of hail over lunchtime and it remained cold all day with a cool wind blowing.
As you will know from yesterday's blog I repotted our fig trees and moved them out of the greenhouse. I'll take this opportunity to do an update on the progress of our grapevine, nectarine, peach and apricot fruits all growing in our cold greenhouse.

First of all our grapevine Himrod is now starting to shoot.
Grape Himrod
Of our other exotics the apricot Flavourcot was the earliest into flower and Sue's done a fine job of substituting for a bee and pollinating those early flowers.
Apricot Flavourcot
Our nectarine and peach flowered later and didn't have anything like as many flowers as the apricot. At first it didn't look as though any of the flowers were going to set fruit but now we're a bit more optimistic.
Nectarine Fantazia
Peach Avalon Pride
The apricot has set so many fruits that it's now possible to see that some of the immature fruits are ready to fall off the tree.
Things are looking very good at the minute though.


  1. The little fruits look so promising! Sue definitely have done a very good pollinating job! ;)

    1. I'm looking forward to some ripe fruits now. That might be a bit optimistic though.


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