Tuesday, 5 April 2016

End of the Crop

A rather strange day weather wise. We had a little bit of overnight rain which dried up slowly through the morning. By lunchtime occasional sunny spells were developing and we decided to do a little bit of tidying up outside at home. Then some thunder in the afternoon but no more rain. I decided to sort out the last of our overwintering potatoes, onions and shallots stored in the garage. There were quite a few casualties fit only for the council recycling bin. Some onions had lost their insides completely and only some dry outer skins remained whilst other were a mushy mess. The best were saved and hopefully they'll last us a few more weeks.
There's always a few spiders about in the garage but this one struck me as being a bit on the large side. Once disturbed it headed for the freedom of outdoors very quickly and it certainly didn't want its photo taking.
It was then back to sorting out the last of the potatoes. Lots had started to shoot and were only fit for the recycling bin but I managed to salvage a box full which didn't look too bad. For good measure I removed any shoots that had started to grow.
As soon as we get chance we'll be planting our first early potatoes on the plot. Hopefully this will be in the next couple of weeks.


  1. That spider is a bit too big for me! I'm eating the last of my onion as well. I was out of potatoes back in December. Good to start a new growing season.

    1. That spider was a bit big for me too Kelli. We've a few bits and pieces in the freezer but I feel the need to start sowing and planting.


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