Monday, 4 April 2016

The Ossett Gravel Snail

It wasn't too bad a weekend with Sunday the much better of the two days and becoming the warmest day this year nudging the year's highest temperature up to 15.9°C or 60.6°F.
I'm sure like us most gardeners are troubled by slugs and snails devouring seedlings and young plants as well as mature crops. Now one of the  solutions suggested by many a TV gardening expert is to put some grit around young plants as slugs and snails don't like crawling over any sharp materials. Perhaps eggshells are supposed to work the same way.

Well a bit of sharp gravel doesn't deter the Ossett Gravel Snail. Want proof?
Clearly a little bit of sharp gravel is no deterrent at all to this particular snail. I found it crawling up the side of the garage this morning. I'm not sure what it's looking for to eat other than a bit of alga from the surface of the gravel.
One thing for sure is it's a long way down.


  1. I hate snails! I kill them the moment i see them! such a big pest here! ;(

    1. Seems like snails are a pest everywhere Malar. Ours go in the recycling bin to be crushed and converted into compost.

  2. I find that a pond with the odd quite effective...

    1. We do have frogs in the pond Ana. I've now got visions of frogs leaping up at the garage wall trying to get to our gravel snail!


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