Friday, 29 April 2016

Panic Setting In!

Thursday was another poor day for late April, as the cold weather continued, with Thursday equalling Wednesday's coldest average daily temperature this month with 4.2°C or 39.6°F.

This year's allotment planting is going to be very late compared to normal seasons. By the end of April our early and main crop potatoes, broad beans, peas, carrots, parsnips, cabbages, cauliflowers, calabrese, onions and shallots would all be planted out in the allotment. This year all we've planted so far are our early potatoes and a small bed of varieties new to us we bought at a local potato day. Some vegetables are waiting patiently in the coldframe for conditions to improve but the cold weather is forecast to remain into the early part of next week.
We'll certainly have a lot of catching up to do when conditions are a bit more favourable.

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  1. Exactly what I've been thinking. Everything is crowded onto my windowsills and in the mini greenhouse. The only things outside are sugar snap peas and direct sown broad beans and radishes. The cucumbers are loving it on the windowsills, I don't think they want to leave. They're doing much better than they ever do outside. I think I need a polytunnel...


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