Saturday, 2 April 2016

A Cold Wet March

The first day of April wasn't anything special with a dull start to the month and some light drizzle at times. It was a cold start to the day as overnight the temperature fell to 0.0°C or 32.0°F.

March turned out to be a cool month for Ossett with only the bitterly cold and snowy March of 2013 been colder over the last six years. The average temperature for March was 6.3°C or 43.3°F.
It was also a wet month turning out to be the wettest March over the last six years with 79.0mm (3.11") of rainfall. We'll need a dry spell of weather to help the plot dry out ready for spring planting.
It wasn't a windy month for us which makes a welcome change. High pressure dominated through the middle of the month bringing us some settled weather but which was often cloudy rather than sunny. Perhaps the weather will pick up a bit for April so that we can get on with some sowing and planting.


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