Thursday, 14 April 2016

Not Drying Out Much!

It's lived up to the forecast over the last couple of days. Monday wasn't too bad with some decent sunny spells and feeling very pleasant in the sun and out of the breeze. We didn't have much in the way of rain either. Tuesday on the other hand was a different matter. The morning dawned a little bit dull and drizzly but any hopes that that would clear away were dashed around mid morning when the rain set in.
The rain didn't stop until late afternoon by which time the daily amount had risen to 8.2mm (0.32").

When we left the plot on Sunday teatime we were hoping for some dry weather so the bed earmarked for our early cabbages (Duncan), cauliflower (Mayflower) and calabrese (Marathon) could be prepared ready to get them planted. It was a bit too wet on Sunday and I'm not anticipating that Tuesday's rain will have helped matters much.

When these plug plants arrived from Marshalls seeds they weren't the best of plug plants. They were potted on and left to grow on in the greenhouse.
Plug plants 18 March 2016 after potting up
Now I'm pleased to say they've improved a lot and are ready to move to the coldframe to acclimatise to outdoor conditions before finally being transplanted out on the plot.
Plug plants 13 April 2016 ready to move to coldframe
All that needs to be done now is get a patch of ground done on the plot ready for them to move home sometime next week.


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