Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Chilly For Tomato Sowing

The forecast is for it to become a bit milder before turning cold again. All I can say is that I hope it hurries up or we're in danger of missing out on the warm stuff. Monday certainly wasn't very warm and a stiff cold wind made it feel even cooler.
For various reasons I'm sowing my tomato seeds a few weeks later than I normally do. Each year I find that they need to move from indoor heated growlight into unheated greenhouse too early when the temperature in the greenhouse isn't warm enough for them to grow on unchecked. This year they're being sown a couple of weeks later. I'm hoping we'll be having some decent warm weather by the time they've germinated and are ready to move into the greenhouse.
It was a bit of a hectic afternoon in the greenhouse as I sowed our tomato seeds, aubergines and parsley before pricking out some Little Gem lettuce seedlings. Some lettuces have been left in the greenhouse and some planted out in our raised salad bed to hopefully produce some salad leaves or full size lettuces.
Sue sowed a few more flower seeds just for good measure some going alongside the tomatoes in our indoor growlight and some remaining in the greenhouse to germinate. I think the table below covers our sowing and planting activities for the day.
We need to get on sorting out some beds on the allotment before more rain arrives.


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