Monday, 16 November 2015

Rain & Gales

It's been a very wet weekend. We had plenty of rain on both Saturday and Sunday with slightly more on Saturday. It was also pretty windy on both days too. Saturday saw 10.4mm (0.41”) of rainfall whilst we had 9.6mm (0.38”) on Sunday.
Temperature, Rainfall & High Wind Speed Records for Friday 13 to Sunday 15 November 2015
We've managed 29.4mm (+1.16”) now since we've had a spell of 24 hours without any rain.

Sunday saw the wind gusting to 28mph which equals my highest recorded value for November. The last time I recorded a similar value in November was on 11 November 2010.
Our tub of dahlias has taken a bit of a battering in the strong winds. I’ll cut them back and move the tub into the greenhouse to give the tubers some winter protection.

The forecast for next week is for the wet and windy conditions to continue into the latter part of the week before we get a cold snap beginning on Friday and lasting into the early part of the following week. The wind direction changes to a northerly and there's the possibility of snow on higher ground in Scotland and northern England. Temperatures through the day are expected to be only just above freezing.


  1. I'd read your post on Friday and had been a bit surprised that you hadn't mentioned the rain yet,but guessed that the monsoons were still to hit those of you further east. Over here near the west coast it's been persistent rain for the last couple of weeks and the low lying fields and mosses have turned into lakes.Seems to be have been a regular autumn occurrence for the last decade.
    The only plus side is that in the gaps between downpours the strong winds actually start to dry out some of the better drained land. I hope that one of these dry bits is the field that will have over 150 cars parked in it for a fell race next Sunday that I organise.Fingers crossed.

    1. Lucky us on the east side usually stay a little bit dryer thanks to the Pennines. The rivers are very high with some flooding due to the run off in the rivers from all the rain on the hills.

      Monday afternoon and "Barney" hasn't arrived here yet. If we're lucky the worst of the gales will stay south of us but we might get some more rain this afternoon.

      Although it's been wet it's been amazingly mild for November. When winter temperatures turn up it's going to be a shock to the system.

  2. My dahlia is looking a lot like that too. I guess we're due some colder weather, it's been so mild here. All football rained off here at the weekend, although Sunday ended up being mostly dry. I made the most of it and got a few garden chores done, even though there was a bit of a howling gale.

    1. Sunday was dull and miserably with a gale force wind but Monday daytime wasn't bad at all here. The worst of the wind was overnight.

      Like you say it's been very mild in fact a bit more like October than November. It's still forecast to be cold over the weekend but those in the know say it's not going to last for very long.

  3. It's raining cats and dogs here! The weather have been unpredictable!
    Hope the dahlia feel save in greenhouse ;)

    1. I thought your weather was more predictably than ours. We might have a frost over the weekend and even a little bit of snow too. I'm hoping that snow will fall as rain here.

      I think I've moved all our tender plants into the greenhouse now ready for any winter frosts or snow. If we don't get any exceptionally cold weather they should survive through winter.


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