Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Another November Record

As you might be aware this November saw the mildest day I've recorded over the past six years. It's now managed a rather more unwanted record as the early hours of Monday my weather station recorded a wind speed of 29mph the highest I've recorded in November.
I couldn't help but notice this morning when I spotted Woody finishing up some fallen bird seed that he looked like he'd been in a scrap. He looked a bit more like a vulture with his featherless neck.
As Monday was a nice day I'd decided to move our dahlias and lavender into the greenhouse for winter when I spotted something on the lawn.
Perhaps this is where Woody had his scrap. It looks like some feathers either from a small bird or maybe from around Woody’s neck as they appear to be the right colour.

Whatever the problem it doesn't seem to have stopped him or her eating.


  1. Goodness, Woody has had a bit of a wild time of it. I wouldn't be surprised if your record is broken again if the weather is anything like it is here. Gusts of up to 57mph forecast for later today, which doesn't bode well for the funfair at the Christmas lights switch on.

    1. I think we might miss the worst of the gales and just get the rain. Fingers crossed.

      Good luck at the funfair and Christmas lights switch on. Wouldn't bother with a brolly!

  2. On the Spring Watch TV programme they said a tatty looking bird with missing head feathers was suffering from an infestation of feather mites - could this be Woody's problem. Luckily they also said in healthy birds the problem usually resolves itself.

    Weather foul - wet and windy - it broke my brolly on the way home from the allotment this morning! (I was only there because I really needed the stable manure a kind volunteer delivered to the allotment. )

    1. Maybe you're right about the mites. I'll have to keep a lookout to see if his feathers start to regrow.

      Wet and windy here too especially this afternoon. Haven't been to the plot for about a week now but as we're running out of fresh vegetables we'll have to make a visit when we get a break in the weather.

  3. Woody looks pecked but who knows?

    Weather fowl here!


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