Monday, 30 November 2015

Another Unwelcome November Record

Sunday afternoon must be one of the worst afternoons we've had for some time. It was very wet and very windy.  
Temperature, Rainfall & Hi Wind Speed Records for 29 November 2015
In the worst of the gale, my weather station record was broken with a wind gust speed of 43 mph at 14:35 breaking the previous record set on 05 December 2013 with 42 mph. As you can see from the chart below it’s been unusually windy this month.
I seem to be continually blogging about how this month is breaking one record or another. So here's a recap of the monthly records to date.
  • The highest wind speed in six years of 43mph
  • It's the windiest November over the last six years.
  • It's the wettest November over the last six years.
  • The mildest November day over the last six years with a temperature of 17.9°C or 64.2°F.
  • It may well turn out to be the mildest November of the last six years.
I don’t think I've forgotten any but it's definitely been a month to forget weather wise. Mild certainly isn't everything when it comes to autumn weather.


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