Friday, 6 November 2015

More Mist Then Rain

The damp, murky and misty weather continued on Thursday morning. By the middle of the afternoon we got some heavier rain.
We had an unexpected day off decorating today as yesterday’s paintwork was still a little bit tacky so we decided to leave it for another day before starting to wallpaper.

I decided I’d check out the quinces stored in the summerhouse.
I don’t think the damp weather of the last week has proved ideal storage conditions and a couple of fruits had started to turn mouldy. These were removed and half the remaining quinces were converted into quince compote. I also decided on the same course of action for  some of our stored Bramley apples.
For comparison purposes Bramley apple compote is on the left and Meeches Prolific quince compote is on the right. 


  1. I bet the quince compote tastes amazing. I need to do the same with some of the windfalls I picked up recently, although so far they're storing quite well. It's hard to stuff much more into the freezer at this time of year!

    1. I could only convert half our quinces into compote as we've no freezer space either.


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