Saturday, 14 November 2015

More Like November

Trust me to write a blog about the mild weather then look what happens. At the end of Thursday November's average temperature was 11.9°C or 53.4°F. We've become accustomed to temperatures in the mid teens but Friday only managed a high of 10.3°C (50.5°F). We had some sunny spells but it even managed to rain in the sunshine. With a blustery breeze it really did feel like November had arrived.
Down on the allotment the plum trees have already lost their leaves in the recent wet and blustery conditions and taken on a winter appearance on our last visit.
However our Meeches Prolific quince tree, which flowers and fruits later than our plums, still had plenty of leaves on the tree when we visited. It puts on a much better autumn display than the apples, pears and plums.
There’s been more wet and windy weather since our last visit so it will be interesting to see how many leaves remain when we make our next trip to the plot.


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