Saturday, 28 November 2015

Lucky Banana, I've Chickened Out

Friday was another decent day. There were some dark threatening clouds about first thing in the morning but they didn't bring any rain with them. Rain was forecast for the middle of the afternoon but it arrived rather later than expected more towards tea time as it was getting dark.

I had planned to leave our banana tree outside to fend for itself over winter. It looked worse for wear after a couple of light frosts. It's saucer was full of water and I was guessing that it was already a bit waterlogged.
There was a little bit more space left in the greenhouse so I decided to do the decent thing and move it inside. The main stems were cut back as these were already damaged by the frost. The banana was waterlogged as I thought making the pot heavy and it was moved to the greenhouse using a combination of lifting and rolling the pot.
It's now alongside other pot plants moved into the greenhouse for some winter protection. If some really cold nights are forecast I'll cover them with a few layers of fleece. 


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