Thursday, 19 November 2015

More Gales and Rain

Tuesday and Wednesday were wet and windy nothing too unusual about that at the moment.
Temperature, Rainfall & Wind Gust Speed Records 17 November to 19 November 2015
We’re about two thirds of the way through November and it’s clear there’s the possibility of November 2015 becoming the mildest on record and as far as my Ossett weather station is concerned the windiest as well.

As there’s some time to go to see if the temperature record is broken I’ll confirm that November 2015 is the windiest November of my six years of record keeping.
As you can see from the graph above this November's block is easily bigger than any previous Novembers and still has time to grow a little bit more.

Comparing six years of wind speed records for January then 2015 is the windiest January I’ve recorded. That is also the case for March, May, June, July and now November.
It sort of goes without saying that 2015 will be the windiest year I’ve recorded.

I much preferred that settle spell of calm weather in October even if we had some misty mornings, and if we were lucky some afternoon sunshine, to the continuous battering from wind and rain that we’re getting now. 

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  1. October was a brilliant month but I think we are paying for it now, with blustery winds and rain for November here in Essex... Take care...


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