Friday, 31 July 2015

Puzzling Soil Conditions

Both days were rather similar in that they were both cool and showery. We managed to get to the plot on Wednesday afternoon but some heavy showers over lunch time on Thursday were enough to put us off.
This is how our old strawberry bed looked back in April this year. We’ve replaced the plants this year and planted up a new bed. We started to clear away these old strawberry plants in April but decided to leave the plants in the top left hand corner of the bed as they put on some new growth and we thought they might give us a crop of strawberries this year. Some of the other plants were removed and the bed dug over as the plants were cleared away. These parts of the bed didn’t dig very well and before we had chance to finish sorting out the bed we had more pressing jobs to get on with like planting out and more recently harvesting our produce.

Eventually the dry spell of weather converted the ground to something resembling concrete and it became impossible to dig over. After this weeks rain I decided to see how the soil conditions had changed.
That patch that was roughly dug over back in April dug really well and I’ll be able to plant some lettuces in this part of the bed. The remainder was a totally different proposition. 
I don’t think I’ll be planting this part of the bed up for a while. It’s turned over in large clods which don’t want to break up so I’m going to leave them to weather a little bit and then see how they break up. Hopefully I’ll have the bed ready to plant up with potatoes next spring. 


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