Saturday, 4 July 2015

Overnight Storm

Friday was another nice summer’s day with almost unbroken sunshine and a high temperature of 25.9°C or 78.6°F. Overnight into Saturday morning we had a thunderstorm which deposited a decent amount of much needed rain.
The rainfall intensity at the height of the storm was 108.6mm/hr (4.28in/hr) the heaviest of the year. 

On Friday afternoon we visited the plot to do some watering and harvesting. I dug our first new potatoes (Foremost) of the year. 
To simply say they were dug up under describes the job as they were hewn out of soil that more resembled rock than soil due to lack of rain. The potatoes weren’t very large but I’m assuming that too was due to a lack of water.
The potato haulms are still green so the rain overnight might help increase the size of the crop and make digging them up a little bit easier.


  1. Know that feeling - hacking small Ratte salad potatoes out of concrete. More like archeology than horticulture.

    1. I hope our recent rainfall will have softened the ground up a little bit.


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