Friday, 10 July 2015

Like a Sweet Shop - What to Pick?

The last couple of days have been a bit mixed. Wednesday was a poor day, cool, with rain on and off although it didn’t amount to much more than a couple of millimetres in all. Thursday was much better with some long sunny spells and dry.
Temperature, Rainfall and Sunshine Records for Wednesday 08 July to Friday 10 July 2015 
On the plot the rainfall and milder weather has certainly got things moving. After a lean spell of the last couple of months we’ve now got plenty of crops ready for harvesting. The tricky problem is knowing what to pick first.
This was Thursday afternoon’s haul which should keep us going for a couple of days. Although I’d really like to get our leeks planted it looks like the most important job at the moment is to pick our berry crop before the fruit starts to spoil. The leeks will have to wait their turn.

At home my fleece around the cherry tree seems to have worked so far and has kept our blackbirds from raiding the cherries.
I think our cherries are ready for the taste test now!


  1. Cherries are one of my favourites. I'm eyeing up the morello ones hanging over our side of the fence at the bottom of the garden. I might offer to pick them for our neighbour. That's a wonderful harvest of red berries there. I'm intrigued by the ones at bottom left and top right (jostaberries? - they look a bit big for blackcurrants). I have mountains of blackcurrants waiting to be picked. You're right, harvesting takes priority, I need to get on with it. Dribs and drabs of rain here, but not much in the way of a good soaking. The grass has gone brown everywhere. A whole day of cricket tomorrow, so I think we will probably get a couple of inches then though.

    1. Jostaberries are a cross between gooseberries and blackcurrants. I wouldn't want to say which they taste most like. They make large bushes and surprisingly the wood pigeons like the berries although this year they left them alone - so far. They do have a rather large remnant of the flower attached to the berry - certainly larger than with blackcurrants. We leave them on but I can understand how that would put someone off the fruit.
      The recent rain and warmer weather has started our courgettes and beans into a growth spurt but unless we get some more rain I don't think the effect will be long lived.
      Happy cricketing.


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