Sunday, 2 August 2015

July What an Odd Month

Saturday started off brightly but that only lasted until lunchtime when it began to cloud over. Soon the first light showers began and it wasn't long before it was tipping it down. Our after lunch coffee in the summerhouse was extended somewhat while the rain eased off! 

It wasn't what I'd planned to do on Saturday afternoon as I intended to do some pottering around in the garden at home. Our raised bed needs a bit of a sort out and I wanted to get our new rhubarb plants into bigger containers. As we planted out our brassicas on Friday the cold frame now has some space for moving some seedlings around. I guess it will have to wait until Sunday.
Well July is over and it's set a few new weather records not all of them were wanted. It started brilliantly with the first day of the month setting a new record high temperature of 33.1C (91.6°F). The next few days were lovely suggesting we might just be going to be at the start of a good summer. It wasn't to be and it's been downhill ever since.

After the first of the month set a new high temperature for July the 26 did the opposite and set a record low of 6.1 (42.8°F) for July. It's also turned out to be the windiest with a gust of 23 mph on the 19 July the highest I’ve recorded in July.
Temperature and Wind Gust Speed Records for July 2015
Despite that hot start it's turned out to be one of our cooler Julys too, like I said most of the month‘s records are of the unwanted variety. I might have forgotten to say that it was also one of the dullest Julys I've recorded too.
It goes a long way to explaining why we're still waiting for some ripe tomatoes and a first picking of runner beans or climbing French beans. Normally we would be picking our first Oullins Gage plums by now but there's no sign of them ripening and the same can be said for our apples.

It now means that the first seven months of 2015 have all been cooler than the corresponding months last year. 
The Met Office CET figure is provisional to the 30 July and so may change slightly once the final day of the month is taken into account.

We're hoping for something a bit better in August. It's worth remembering that last August was a poor month and pretty cool so it shouldn't be asking too much for a better August this year.

Copyright: Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


  1. We've been getting the cool and cloudy, but without the useful rain, and the continual wind dries the soil surface.
    Here in the SE we are just getting first small crops of beans and courgettes, and the pumpkins are just starting to produce flowers (all male). The plot doesn't yet have that full-blown look that you expect for this time of year.

    1. I don't think we are going to get a full blown look this year. Our peas and potatoes are already going over. The plot is already taking on a bit of an autumnal look. We have picked some courgettes but no beans. At last we have a couple of Sungold tomatoes ripening in the greenhouse. Some nice weather in August would be much appreciated.


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