Thursday, 2 July 2015

July Starts off by Breaking Records

What a start to July! The media has been full of our record breaking hot day on Wednesday as it smashed the record for the hottest day in the UK since records began. 

It was also the hottest day I’ve recorded too as the temperature reached 33.1°C (91.6°F) late in the afternoon.
Tuesday was hot too and both days have entered my top twenty hottest days table.
It’s certainly tricky keeping everything watered in the greenhouse when it’s so hot. A few plants looked a bit sad at times but I’m hoping they’ll recover.
If you remember last week I posted how I wouldn’t be thinning out our Himrod grapes as Monty Don had done as I couldn’t be sure what would happen to our grapes between now and August when they’ll be ready for picking.
Well some of them didn’t like the hot weather and turned into sultanas on a plant in the hot sunshine. There’s only a few bunches affected so it shouldn’t reduce our crop too much. 


  1. Did you get the egg-sized hail stones that I heard had fallen in Yorkshire? Not sure they would be good for the plants or people.

    1. Nothing but a few sprinkles of rain. Storms all around but so far we've missed them!


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