Friday, 3 July 2015

Cherry Protection

After yesterday’s heat Thursday was more like a normal summer’s day. We didn’t have an awful lot of sunshine but it was pleasantly warm although it did spoil itself in the late afternoon and into the evening with some light rain. It wasn’t enough to do the garden any good and a decent spell of steady rain would do wonders.
We certainly aren’t going to get any cherries from our tree on the plot. In spring the wood pigeons took a fancy to the leaves and devastated the whole tree. At home we have a cherry tree, Stella, growing in a large tub. Although we have wood pigeons in the garden they didn’t take a fancy to the leaves and the tree was left intact.

Now we have a different bird problem as the blackbirds can’t resist the bright red cherries as the fruit ripens. In an effort to protect the fruit the tree has been covered with fleece for a couple of weeks while the cherries finish ripening.
Not only does the fleece make it more difficult for the blackbirds to get to the cherries it blows and flaps around in the breeze which may deter them a little bit too.
We haven’t many cherries on the tree but I’d prefer it if we, and not our resident blackbirds, got to taste them.


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