Sunday, 19 July 2015

And for the Fourth Time of Trying!

Friday and Saturday weren’t anything special for the middle of July. On both days were had a fairly cool strong breeze blowing which took the edge of the temperature which was around average for July.

We decided that we had to get our leeks planted out as they were beginning to struggle in the large pots they had been raised from seed in. We decided to plant them in this year’s carrot bed. This bed has a bit of a history this year. So far we’ve sown two lots of carrots seeds which germinated but were then munched by slugs. Following these failures we decided to try some lettuce plants. I can’t show you how they got on as there isn’t anything to show as once again the slugs completely devastated the young plants.
So this was how the bed looked after a few weeds had been removed. All we have left to show from our two carrot sowing and a dozen lettuce plants is one solitary carrot.  
The soil was very dry so it was necessary to add copious amounts of water to the soil so that we could dibble some holes for our leeks to be planted in. The ground was well watered and we settled down to an afternoon coffee to give the water a chance to percolate into the soil. It seemed to work and we were able to dibble holes without the soil falling back in and our leeks were soon dropped into their planting holes.
The leeks were given a good watering in and the environmesh was replaced over the top. Now we’ll have to see if the slugs have a liking for our Blue Solaise, Giant Winter and Below Zero leeks.


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