Thursday, 12 March 2015

Where’s Spring Gone?

Wednesday morning was nice and sunny. It didn't last all day and by lunchtime clouds had gathered and we had some drizzly rain. That’s how it stayed for the remainder of the day.

We've had just enough sunshine and a hint of warmth to make us think that spring has arrived and then we’re back to winter.
The forecast for the next few days doesn't hold out much promise of spring arriving.

We've been checking out nest box cam awaiting developments. 
What we know so far is that our great tit was up and out of the nest box at around 06:20 in the morning. The only action through the day was a blue tit carrying out a quick inspection later in the morning. At least it was light enough to confirm that the camera was still operating in colour when there is sufficient light. Then we’re presuming that the same great tit returned at 17:32 and once again roosted in the box overnight.

Sadly no sign of any nest building going on yet but it’s early days.


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