Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tied for Mildest Day of the Year

I was expecting Friday to produce the mildest day of the year but as it turned out it tied with 10 January 2015 at 14.2°C (57.6°F).
We made the most of the mild weather with a visit to RSPB Old Moor. As we've come to expect on our visits the ducks and geese were positioned nicely out of camera lens range but to make up for that there were lots of reed buntings around the garden area and feeders.
All my photos of reed buntings always seem to be against backgrounds which camouflages them and for me makes them tricky subjects to photograph well.


  1. Lovely photos, you must have been very close to the reed buntings. We're off to Slimbridge tomorrow I think. All of the Bewick's swans have left now. Apparently there is a pair of cranes building a nest there again this year, for the third year in a row. No chicks have survived yet. There's a moat around the nest area now to try and make it more secure. Maybe this will be the year.

    1. I saw on Facebook that the Bewick's had left. I wonder how they know it's time.

      It would be good if Slimbridge managed to rear some crane chicks. I might have to start planning another visit soon.


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