Sunday, 15 March 2015

Dull and Cold

After the wet weather of Friday, Saturday produced the dullest day of the month. It wasn't quite the coldest day of the month as the thermometer only managed a high of 6.9°C (44.4°F) but there was only fractions of a degree in it.

I know lots of bloggers have already sown their tomato seeds but I’m always a little bit cautious. I can usually get good germination sowing seeds under our indoor grow light. For a couple of weeks they can remain under the light, growing into sturdy little seedlings. Then comes my problem. Where do I move them to next? It’s far too cold to move them into the cold greenhouse where they’ll just freeze. So I’m experimenting with a few seeds hoping for a couple of early plants.
I've converted this into this…..
Hopefully I’ll have enough space for four small tomato plants to grow on a window-ledge. The foil will hopefully reflect back as much light as possible stopping the seedlings from becoming too leggy.

Now I've got to decide which varieties of tomato seeds to try.


  1. The foil is a great idea. It might be worth trying Sungold for an early crop, they are always the first to fruit for me. I'll be interested to see how they get on, whatever varieties you pick.

    1. Hi CJ
      I thought about trying Sungold as it was early for us too last year. Only problem is there aren't many seeds in the packet and I didn't want to waste any on my experiment. In the end I chose based on varieties with the largest number of seeds in the packet. Not very scientific but never mind. I'll list varieties in a blog post.

  2. I have similar problems. I normally end up carting my tomato seedlings to and fro, moving them from one side of the house to the other twice a day to maximise light!

    1. Hi Mark
      I was considering putting some seedlings in the greenhouse and bringing them back inside for the night. I'm not even sure that's any good though as yesterday it only manged a high of 9°C in the greenhouse - hardly any good for growing tomatoes.

      I'm going to try my light box on a sunny, if we get any, south facing window and see what happens. Expect some updates whatever the outcome!


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