Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Behind

Wednesday was another day with plenty of sunshine and with only a slight breeze it felt very pleasant in the sunshine.

We are still keeping a check on our great tit hoping that it will soon start nest building. It is a bird of habit though and it tends to return to the box each evening around 18:00 to roost. As it was a nice sunny evening I decided to try and get some video of it arriving to roost. The camera was set up on a tripod a little before the expected arrival time and I went inside out of great tit view and watched the next box cam video feed.
Our great tit didn't let me down flying in just after 18:00. I have to say the video was disappointing. There’s about six frames of video ranging from a very fast and blurry arrival to the frame above where it is about to disappear into the nest box to roost for the night.

Before anyone suggests I’d get a better view of it when it leaves the box I’m not sure I want to get up before 06:00 in the morning to catch it doing that.


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