Friday, 20 March 2015

Almost There

Thursday morning was rather dull and cloudy and once again a bit on the cold side. The afternoon brightened up with some hazy sunshine but it didn't do an awful lot for the temperature.

As we haven’t had any really heavy rain for a good few weeks now, I thought it might be a good time to finally get our new strawberry bed cultivated ready for our plants to move in.

This how I’d left the bed a few weeks ago when I considered the part covered with straw too wet to dig. Rather than dig the bed over by hand I’d transported the cultivator to the plot so that if the soil condition was suitable the bed could be made ready for our strawberry plants.
Luckily for me the soil was in good condition and cultivated well. The bed was dug over and some fish blood and bone fertiliser added. The bed is now ready for covering with some weed control fabric. It will be left to settle for a couple of weeks before our strawberries are planted.

These are our new Cambridge Favourite strawberry plants. They've come on well in the greenhouse and I think it’s time they had a couple of weeks out in the cold-frame hardening off before they are planted out on the plot.


  1. The strawberries plants look green and healthy! Hope they give you a bounty of strawberries!

  2. Looking good.. hope you get lots of lovely strawberries this year :o)


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