Monday, 16 March 2015

Gone and Done It

Sunday was another cold and miserable day. It was cloudy all day although it didn't rain.

After making my solar powered light box on Saturday I decided to sow a few tomato seeds to get my experiment started. The question was which tomato seeds to sow. As it’s a bit of an experiment I decided to choose varieties which had the most seeds in the packet. The seed packet descriptions for the lucky tomato seeds to take part in my experiment are:

Cherry Fountain
Vigorous bush variety suited to large baskets or containers. Cherry red fruit crops over a very long harvesting period. One of the best tasting tomatoes of recent years.

Baby Boomer
Hundreds of 1 inch sweet cherry tomatoes smother the plant. Bush habit so fruit is always plentiful. 55 from days from transplanting. Bred for it superlative flavour.
Four seeds of each variety spaced equally apart in a quarter size seed tray. The seeds were covered with vermiculite and placed under our indoor growlight to germinate. Once I've got some decent sized seedlings I’m going to transplant them into small sized pots and grow them on in my light box on a sunny south facing window ledge.

While I was sowing the tomato seeds in the greenhouse I couldn't help but notice all the flowers on our nectarine.
Our apricot, nectarine and peach are all coming into flower and keeping Sue busy with her bee on a stick. (No bees are harmed during this pollinating process). It’s to be hoped that we get some fruit after all her efforts. 


  1. The weather's returned to being cold and damp here, so the peach blossom is staying tightly shut today. Not long now though. Your tomato choices sound excellent, I'll be interested to see how they do, I'm always looking for the best tasting varieties. Inspired by you, I've just stuck a piece of foil covered card behind some of my tomato seedlings. If it works I shall make another one.

    1. You'll know before me whether it's a good idea or not. It can't do any harm can it.

      Good luck at getting some peach blossom pollinated.


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