Sunday, 29 September 2013

Apples, Pears and Trains.

The weather has been much the same over the last few days with variable amounts of cloud each day but remaining pleasantly mild for late September. 

My plan was to harvest our apples and pears at home before they fell off the trees of their own accord smashing through the greenhouse roof as they did so. I decided to make a start on Thursday only to find out I was a day too late.
This lovely apple had beaten me to it and smashed through the roof and creating another repair job to be made to the greenhouse.

It wasn't all bad news though as the apples and pears produced a much bigger harvest than I'd expected. Not bad for trees that were cut back and forgotten about many years ago but which just refuse to stop growing.
We should be alright for crumbles and pies well into winter.

On Friday we made another excursion to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway as it was the first day of their Autumn Steam Gala.
On the moors where the sheep are free to roam we had to make a couple of stops as they wandered across the road or in the case of one particular cool customer took a walk down the middle of the road with us very slowly tailing behind. In Goathland, where the TV series Heartbeat was filmed and which is also one of the stations on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, the trees aren't really showing too many signs of the arrival of autumn just yet.
Looking out of the train window on the journey from Pickering, through Levisham and on to Goathland the bracken on the moors is certainly looking fairly golden and autumnal.
Of course there were some pretty impressive steam locomotives hauling the trains through this spectacular scenery including 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley, sister locomotive the world’s fastest ever steam locomotive Mallard, and named after their designer.
This is Sir Nigel Gresley arriving at Goathland Station with a morning train from Grosmont.


  1. Wow an apple bomb :) Fruits look really great. You had a really nice harvest. I collected 7 apples(yes 7) from 6 apple trees :/

    1. Hadn't thought of it as a bomb but it's a good description.

  2. What a shame about the broken greenhouse pane, especially as you were just about to pick them. Does look like a good crop though. It's been very dry here, I suddenly realised today that the pots and my newly seeded grass need a drink. The steam day looks good. I've been up to a beautiful old station in the Forest of Dean to see steam engines. Well, it was Thomas the Tank Engine to be precise, but the whole thing was beautifully done. The station was wonderful, straight out of the early 1900s. Hope you both have a good week.

    1. It's dry here too CJ. We've been watering newly planted stuff on the plot. Looks like it's going to change by the weekend though???

  3. You get some great harvests from those forgotten about trees. You'll have seen some stunning scenery on your train journey, such a gorgeous area.

    1. I've cut the fruit trees back again once I picked the apples and pears so we'll see what happens next year.

      We're lucky to have such easy access to the Dales and Moors National Parks. Great days out.


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