Sunday, 1 September 2013

What a Contrast

There was a real contrast between the weather on Saturday compared with the first day of the month. Saturday was cool and breezy with the overnight temperature down to a pretty cool 6.7°C and a high of just 17.7°C. Contrast that with the first day of August which was a scorching hot 31.1°C and corresponding overnight low of 17.1°C.
In the end hot and cold really did cancel each other out and the average temperature for the month equalled the long term average.

Rainfall on the other hand was well below expected with only 38.2mm against a long term average of 46.7mm.
So summer for 2013 has come to its meteorological end and it’s turned out to be a warmer than an average summer and the warmest since 2006. That probably doesn't give a true representation as 2006 (17.23°C) was the fifth warmest summer over the last 300 years and 2013 (16.85) will slot in at around fifteenth position.

It’s rather puzzling as to why the plot and garden is so dry as we've had about 85% of our expected rainfall over the summer period with 123.0mm falling against a long term average of 145mm. It’s obviously been the wrong sort of rain but it doesn't change the fact that the plot is very dry and in need of some water.


  1. The weather forecaster keeps on promising rain, but all we've had is wind for three days. (Really annoyed because I did't water today even though the ground was dry - because of the forecast). It ain't rained today and now the forecast has changed to dry tomorrow too!

    1. Windy here as well. No rain in forecast for this week. Back to watering duties this week.

  2. We had no rain in Narford in Norfolk ether just wind

  3. Dry here in the South West too, and I keep forgetting to water now it is cooler. Went to the beach today and it felt like about four degrees with a force ten gale blowing. There is sand everywhere. Watering is on my to-do list for tomorrow.


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