Sunday, 22 September 2013

Season of Mellow Fruitfulness

After a couple of days where the weather hasn't gone to forecast Saturday’s was just about spot on. The day started off dull but kept on just getting better with some sunshine eventually breaking through the cloud cover late in the afternoon as the temperature peaked at 22.6°C.

On the plot our garden centre bought onions, Thompson and Morgan’s Autumn Onions, Electric Red, Radar and Sensyu Yellow were all planted out. Garlic Thermidour and Germidour were also planted along with some cloves from last year’s Elephant Garlic as we hadn't been able to buy any in the garden centres we'd visited. All our onions and garlic were planted through weed control fabric which has been very successful with our summer onions.
We've still got some apples, plums and last but certainly not least quinces to pick. In the late afternoon sun they looked ready for picking but our apples Golden Delicious and Egremont Russet are reluctant to part from the tree and need more time to ripen. We’ll leave our quinces on the tree as long as possible although the fruits are loosing their furriness which is supposed to be a sign of them ripening. 

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  1. My Egremont Russets aren't ready yet either. The Ribston Pippin that is right next to it is though, and they are divine. Hopefully the Russets will ripen soon before they get too battered. I haven't got any onions to plant yet, you have reminded me to start thinking about it though. The season has reached a tipping point - everything is either finishing or beginning I think.


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