Tuesday, 3 September 2013

An Improvement of Sorts

Monday was a better day, much warmer than Sunday but still windy.

I ventured down to the plot in the afternoon to harvest some more potatoes and check for plant damage from yesterday’s gales. Fortunately the damage was minimal. One of our cardoon plants had already suffered some wind damage and it’s now been finished off. 
Even though the flowers are laid flat on the grass the bees carry on as though nothing has happened. Our other cardoon plant just a few metres away has escaped undamaged from the gales. It must be slightly protected from the strong westerly winds by our neighbour’s shed.
I managed to finish digging up our main bed potatoes. Last year I sowed some green manure to follow on from lifting potatoes and I’d been wondering whether or not to repeat this sowing again as it did a good job of suppressing weeds all winter and early spring. The condition of the ground has saved me any more wondering. The soil is really dry and has dug with large rock hard lumps. There is no way I can sow any seeds in this bed until it’s had plenty of rain on it and can be cultivated properly.
Besides clearing this bed of its potato crop I couldn't resist a little bit more harvesting. Our later plums Marjories Seedling and Victoria are just starting to turn. Lots of the fruit on these trees doesn’t seem to have formed correctly, perhaps because they were very late into flower and some of the fruits have pesky plum moth maggots inside. So far our greengages appear to be free of this pest. 


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