Monday, 23 September 2013

A Little Bit Special

Sunday was a little bit special with long sunny spells and very warm reaching 22.8°C in the afternoon.
On the plot it was a tidying up afternoon. The grass paths were cut and the edges trimmed. This might be the last time they get a summer cut and tidy up as they move into autumn and winter mode where a quick strim has to do when the grass is too wet to cut easily with the mower.

Once the mowing was finished I thought it was about time one of our laurel bushes had a trim. It had got rather large and had started to cast too much shade on the neighbouring bed. The trim became a major cutting back session as I got to work with the pruning saw. The blackbirds weren't too happy as one of their favourite spots for eyeing up produce on the plot disappeared. 

I’m now left with great heaps of laurel trimmings to deal with. Lots of the branches will be recycled. Larger branches will be used as bean and sweet pea supports and the small off-cuts as pea sticks. The one thing I've learnt about laurel from previous pruning sessions is that it soon grows back even after a very severe hacking. Next on my list for the chop is our conifer which is also very tall and casts too much shade over parts of the plot.
This will be a much trickier operation than cutting back the laurel. I don’t really want to cut back into dead would as I suspect it wouldn't regrow but the height needs to be brought down and a certain amount of trimming at a lower level will be required. It’s safe for a few days though whilst my sawing arm recovers from its efforts devastating the laurel bush.


  1. That's the thing with sawing things down, once you start it's hard to stop! The weather does look beautiful with you. I can't say that it was that nice here. Rather cloudy, none of that blue, blue sky.

    1. Bet our conifer's a bit worried now it's seen me in action!


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