Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dry for Gardeners

Weather wise there’s not been much change over the last few days as in general morning cloud has broken up to give a sunny afternoon.

It’s been a dry month though with only 32.4mm of rainfall against an expected 58.3mm just over half what we'd get in an average September. Following on from a slightly drier than normal August it’s meant watering newly planted onion sets together with wallflowers, sweet Williams, dog daisies and sweet rocket. 
We’re pleased with our wallflowers which are looking good even though the ground is dry. We are hoping for a good display next spring.

Temperature wise the month will turn out to be a bit below average at 13.6°C against a long term average of 14.4°C. We certainly haven’t had any really cold nights and we're still managing to harvest crops on the plot.
Last year by the middle of August we’d picked the last of our sweet peas but this year they’re still producing some nice cut flowers. How much of that is down to the weather conditions and how much is due to the fact they've been grown through weed control fabric this year I wouldn't like to say. Although it’s been dry they haven't been treated to a drink for many weeks now. 

Lets hope this October turns out better than last year’s which was on the cold side and finished up the coldest since 1992.


  1. I can just imagine the scent from those sweet peas, one of my all time favourites just a shame they do not last long when cut,
    PS if that is the new camera the colours are lovely

    1. I've been caught out again David as Sue took the picture with our super duper new camera.

  2. Wonderful sweet peas. Mine were rubbish this year. It is very dry here. I should have been watering pots but I haven't. I keep waiting for rain. Tonight, surely. I do hope so, as I've re-seeded the (many) bare patches in the lawn.

    1. Once it gets to September I always forget to water our pots in the garden. The good news is that it's pouring down here (Friday morning) so the plot and garden are getting a bit of a watering.


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