Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Day Off

Monday was a question of avoiding the heavy showers. We didn't have any rain at home but we did have some heavy rain on our way to RSPB Old Moor. As we arrived at Old Moor the rain was so heavy we thought we'd probably have some lunch in the cafe there and then head back home.
By the time we'd had some lunch the rain had stopped and we decided to have a walk and look around the reserve. The clouds continued to threaten more rain but luckily it stayed away. 
Sue managed to capture this heron having lunch too. When I see the size of these birds I’m always amazed that we need to protect our small garden pond from them as they are quite capable of manoeuvring around the obstacles in our garden and helping themselves to our pond fish. 


  1. Herons are wonderful indeed. What a great photo. There's often one around at Slimbridge, and they are always quite special to see.

    1. Saw half a dozen at Old Moor so the fishing must be good. Better there than our pond.


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