Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Out With the Old, In With the New

Monday was a cold windy day. Even though we had nearly 4 hours of sunshine it was still a miserable day with the afternoon temperature making it to a measly 13.4°C. The showers arrived on a very strong wind so it wasn't a gardening sort of a day.

Last week we lifted all our onions grown over summer and moved them into our home greenhouse to dry off and store over winter. As it wasn't a day for allotmenting we had a trip around a couple of local gardening centres to buy some winter onions.
Normally we would order these on-line from one of the seed companies but last year the sets arrived in the middle of October which turned out to be the start of some cold weather. The result was that most of the bulbs never had any chance to grow before winter set in and most of the sets just rotted away in the ground.

We decided to buy the bulbs locally this year. It does mean our choice of varieties is much more restricted but if we can get our sets planted over the coming weekend they will have almost a months start on last year’s winter onions. Fortunately the forecast seems to suggest the weather will improve over the weekend. 


  1. I didn't realise onions could be planted now. I shall have to pop down to our lovely local garden shop, which is right on the high street, where they sell several varieties loose out of big baskets. It's great because you can have as few as you want, and try lots of different types. Your day sounds great, it's nice to visit garden centres on a gloomy day. I think we need a bit of a dry spell now though to get the onions in though.

    1. A little bit of warmth would be nice too. Looks like the weekend might be just right to get some onions planted.

  2. As a recent convert to autumn sown alliums I can't fault your logic.

    Now when's my order going to turn up????

  3. Lovely post Martin have a great day to both you and Sue


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