Thursday, 1 August 2013

A Record Hot Month For My Weather Station

Tuesday was another nice warm day until late afternoon when some light showers began although they didn't last too long and didn’t result in much rain. I left the plot late afternoon as it started to rain heavily only to find it dry by the time I’d driven a couple of miles home. Wednesday was a much duller day altogether with a spell of rain mid morning and another starting late afternoon lasting into the evening.

In my record books this will go down as the warmest month since I started keeping accurate records back in autumn 2009.

The average July temperature this year has been just over 3°C higher than last year. It’s certainly been a very good month weather wise although I’m sure most gardeners would have appreciated a little more rain during the first three weeks of the month. 
I’ve tried to show the temperature difference between 2012 and 2013 on the chart above. The darker red line represents this year whilst the faded red shows last year’s temperature trace. Almost every day this year was warmer than last year.

The month could have been a very dry one as for the first 22 days of the month we had hardly any rainfall but all that changed in the last week of the month with thunderstorms and heavy rain the order for the final week of July. In the end we had more than average rainfall for the month with 57.6mm falling compared to a long term average of 42.7mm.

All our July 2013 weather statistics can be found here.

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