Monday, 19 August 2013

Wrong About the Tomato

We had plenty of sunshine on Sunday after a drop of overnight rain. After such a brilliant hot start to the month the average temperature for the month is now below average and is the same as last year’s August average in the middle of the month. 

Our Amish Gold tomato I blogged about yesterday turned out to be a disappointment being yet another casualty of the dreaded blossom end rot. We've still to pick a ripe undamaged tomato from our home greenhouse. 
The good news is that we picked our first ripe tomato from the plot greenhouse. 
This is a variety “Pink Wonder” producing large fruits. It’s the first time we've tried it and it will be under going the taste test tomorrow lunchtime.
It wasn't the only produce we harvested from the plot on Sunday. A full list of our harvest can be found here.

Copyright: Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


  1. Hooray for your first unblemished tomato! Now you can put that behind you.

    We only just got around to digging our Emerald Vale this weekend. That was a good recommendation. Thanks.


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