Thursday, 29 August 2013

Just Made It This Summer

Much more cloud about on Wednesday and a little bit cooler but still a very nice day.

At last I picked some runner beans. We're growing St. George, Enorma and Desiree and all three varieties have been very slow to produce beans. In July’s hot weather they came to what seemed like a total standstill and refused to grow. Meteorologically summer comes to an end in 3 days time so we've only just managed a picking before summer comes to an end. 
These are from our wigwam of Desiree a white flowered variety. The plants look really well with plenty of flowers and young beans to come so we're expecting to be able to stock up our freezer supplies before any cold weather kills off the plants. 
So far it’s been a poor year for our tomatoes but I picked a few Sioux from our plot greenhouse. It’s the first time we've grown this variety. It’s got a good crop of tomatoes to ripen but the taste test is still to take place.
To be honest they're not the best looking tomatoes in the world and you’d never find them on the supermarket shelves. I think the splitting of the fruit is due to the irregular watering they receive as allotments tomatoes. They get watered when I go down to the plot so they go from a soaking to drying out but surprisingly they haven't got the dreaded blossom end rot which has afflicted all our home greenhouse tomatoes.

Summer as far as our runner beans and tomatoes are concerned is just starting. 

Copyright: Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


  1. Glad it's not just my runner beans that haven't done much this year. The lower half of the beanstalk has produced very little. The upper half has plenty of flowers and some beans, but I am wondering if the flowers are being pollinated as there don't seem to be enough beans coming on. I'll be interested to know what your tomatoes taste like - I'm always on the lookout for ones that do well and taste amazing.

    1. our beans don't have anything on the lower half of the plants but the tops are looking good. Plenty of bees pollinating our flowers making picking picking a bit tricky.

      I'll do a post about our tomatoes once we've tried all the different varieties.


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