Friday, 16 August 2013

Looking a bit Autumnal Already

Thursday was a warm and muggy day with the temperature reaching 25.6°C in the afternoon. The forecast for heavy showers and thunderstorms around teatime and into the evening didn't work out . We did have a little rain towards midnight amounting to around 2.0mm. We had a little more rain in the early hours of Friday morning but a combined total of 4.2mm will do little more than dampen the top of the soil. We could do with a good rain.

Although it’s only the middle of August parts of the plot are starting to have a bit of an autumnal look about them. I'm always amazed at just how short that time is when the plot looks full to bursting point.

This part of the plot looks pretty bare now that the potatoes have been lifted. It’s not that these beds will be left unproductive and will mostly be replanted with vegetables and flowers for next spring. The two salad bowl and Webbs Wonderful lettuce in the foreground are spare plants in a bed that will soon be planted up with spring cabbages. The rather untidy pile of netting is just the right size to fit over the bed as wood pigeon protection for the cabbages.

The two bigger beds will also have some over wintering crops in fact Sue has started planting up the bed on the right with wallflowers, sweet Williams, rocket and Dog Daisy all to grow on over winter. 
Next to that will be our bed of over wintering onions which will be planted up as soon as the sets are available in the local garden centre. Hopefully these will be planted next month.

A little bit of rain would certainly help that planting process along as the plot once again is on the dry side.

Copyright: Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


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