Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Never Caught Up

Monday morning got off to a fine start with some sunny periods and feeling quite warm. By lunchtime all that changed as dark thunderclouds started to develop resulting in some heavy afternoon showers. The rainfall amount didn't come to anything like Sunday's downpour and amounted to 2.2 mm.

I was fairly sure that in previous years we had already started picking plums by the time August came around. However, our plums were off to a bad start this year due to the very cold spring and they haven't recovered. Looking back in 2011 we picked our first plums on 24 July.

This was our Oullins Gage harvest on the 01 August 2011. Not just a couple of plums as we picked 17kg leaving loads on the tree for later. 

In 2012 our plum trees took a year out and didn't produce much fruit and were a little later as we didn't start picking our small crop until 16 August 2012
Whilst we didn't have many plums they were still well worth waiting for and vastly superior to normal shop bought ones.

Now onto this year. I reckon this fruit still has a way to go before it’s anything like ripe.
The good news is that we have many more plums on all our trees this year compared to last so we will just have to be patient and wait for the fruit to ripen. I’m surprised that with the very hot July weather we’ve experienced over the last three weeks that the fruit didn’t catch up with previous years 

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  1. Your 2011 harvest looks amazing. I hope this will end up a good year for your fruits. We still have the heat in NI although some rain showers in between.

    1. I don't think we'll do as well this year as 2011 which was a fantastic year for our plums. The weather here's very pleasant most of the time it's just that by the late afternoon early evening the thunderstorms and heavy rain arrive.

  2. It's really reassuring that your plumb trees are behaving the same as our solitary tree. Better than last year, but not a bumper crop. I recall flouring was over in a trice during cold wet weather and wondered whether we would get any at all.


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