Saturday, 17 August 2013

Taking Over the Plot

Friday was a very pleasant summer’s day with some long sunny periods and the temperature reached a very acceptable 22.3°C.

I blogged last time about some parts of the plot taking on an autumnal look, mostly where potato crops have been lifted. Other parts of the plot are still full of promise with crops looking fine and healthy. Hard to believe that all this is produced through some little crosses cut into weed control fabric. The grass to the left of the picture forms the allotment plot border with the access road around the site. One or two fat hen weeds have still manage to grow by sharing the same cuts in the fabric as the squashes and cucumbers. I can live with the odd weed so I reckon the fabric’s done a good job.

This bed is made up of squashes, cucumbers and our sweet peas. There’s no sign of autumn arriving with this bed and it’s a full time job keeping the squash runners under control in their efforts to overrun as much of the plot as they can without me noticing. It’s a tricky job finding cucumbers growing amongst the squashes without standing on any leaves, runners, small squashes or indeed cucumbers.

After a very slow start, and a few weeks in July when they didn’t seem to want to grow at all, our runner beans are now looking much better and have plenty of flowers with the bees busy carrying out their pollination duties. There’s still no beans but I’m still hopeful.

Copyright: Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


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